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Connect FAQ

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Connect Modems
1. Your SoHo Modem LEDs Status

Power LED displays status of power and operation. When the 5 lights are on, it means the coverage is at its highest level.

2. What should I do in case my modem doesn’t receive enough signal strength?

Your modem’s location has a large bearing on your signal strength. Remember that the color of the LED signal on your modem indicates the quality of signal being received. More green means more signal.

Follow these tips to get the best signal possible:
• Place the modem close to windows
• Try moving the modem around the house
• Rotate the modem slowly; the slightest rotation can have a large bearing on signal quality

3. Biscuit Connect Modem LED Status

Power LED displays the status of power and operation.
The different light colors define the coverage signals as the following:
• Green solid: excellent signal
• Amber solid: Good signal
• Red Solid: Weak signal
• Red flashing: Searching for network

1. What causes low speed connection?

• Coverage limitation (e.g: the user is very far from the Base Station)
• Many users connecting to the device (The speed decreases per user)

2. What inhibits the Connect modem from working?

• Invalid username & password
• The computer is not connected to the WiFi
• The modem is not plugged in properly
• Configuration Issues (In this case, customers should contact Connect customer support for troubleshooting)

Note: The modem should be placed close to windows (try moving it around the house)

3. How is the coverage in certain areas?

For inquiries about area coverage, you can contact the customer support on their number (01 – 896 331), or visit our website / Coverage section.

4. What technology is Connect using?

Connect is using the latest wireless broadband technology

1. What does Connect offer?

Our services range in all dimensions of internet communications and especially wireless broadband services

2. Does it require a phone line?

Our system does not require a phone line, it requires an electrical power supply and to be within the coverage area.

3. Can I use Connect while travelling in my car?

As convenient as it is, Connect can be used anywhere you are (for passengers only, don’t connect and drive)

4. Which operating systems does the Connect system support?

Connect works with any WiFi-enabled devices

5. Is it good for online gaming?

Our customers using Connect Internet for online gaming are happy and satisfied

6. Where could I find Connect?

You can find Connect at the below Points of Sale:
• Connect Shop
Monte Libano Building - Ground Floor
Nahr El Mot, Jdaidet El Metn
Tel: 01- 896 331
• All branches of Class
• All branches of BOB Finance
Visit our website/ Points of Sale section for further details

7. Who can use Connect?

Anyone can use Connect, anywhere they are

8. What are some of the benefits of using services from Connect?

You can benefit from:
• Instant Plug & Play modem
• Portability
• High speed
• Wide coverage

9. What do I have to do to get a Connect service?

Step 1, check the coverage in your area by checking the website or calling the call center on 01- 896 331
Step 2, pass by the closest Connect shop or point of sale to buy the modem

10. Do I need any documents to apply for Connect’s service?

You need a valid ID or passport

11. Can I share my Connect connection with others?

You can connect with all modems that have an integrated WiFi Router, which enables sharing without any additional cables or equipment

12. How many devices can wirelessly connect to the router?

• For the SoHo device, you can connect up to 25 users simultaneously
• For the Biscuit, you can connect up to 7 users simultaneously